Here is the daily class schedule for the weekend. All classes will be taught in English.
You are able to choose one class from each time slot.

09:30 - 11:00hrs

YOGA Paranayama Flow – OPEN LEVEL
with Karina Gusalova (Saturday)
and Raquel Miró (Sunday)

with Iqbal Khawaja

with Erick Bacon (Saturday)
and  Catherine Strawbridge (Sunday) Morning

Dance Yoga Works - 03 - CLÁSICO 23

11:15 - 12:45hrs

with Barbara Rose (Saturday)
and Barbara Rose (Sunday)

with – Kirill Radev

with Catherine Strawbridge (Saturday)
and Erick Bacon (Sunday)

Reportaje fotográfico realizado los días 22, 23 y 24 de marzo de 2019.

13:00 - 14:30hrs

YOGA Restorative Yin – OPEN LEVEL
with Karina Gusalova (Saturday)
and Raquel Miró (Sunday)

with – Catherine Stuyt

with Erick Bacon (Saturday)
and Erick Bacon (Sunday)

Dance Yoga Works - 04 - JAZZ 26

The Open Level is an invitation for people with a keen interest in this field of the workshop. It is a meeting space for a crowd with varying experiences: the class will be mixed levels.  The level of each individual will be accounted for and variations will be given to adapt the class and poses to suit everyone. Whether you are a first-timer or a more advanced yoga practitioner you are welcome.

Start the morning off right with a long session of pranayama (breathing exercises), followed by a slow and deep vinyasa flow, to get your body energised and your blood flowing. As movers, it is very important that we connect with our breath while dancing to make our movements more organic, fluid and controlled. Pranayama is perfect training to learn how to control and connect with our breathing

Pilates balances the body through core strength exercises while working on flexibility and awareness, focus on the mind-body connection through graceful movements. During these classes we will go deep into the understanding of each exercise for maximum execution. This class is Open Level and is therefore suitable for everyone!

This is the calm-down space of your day where your body, mind and soul are rejuvenated. Here we will let the muscles rest holding passive, static positions for longer periods of time allowing the connective tissue and bones to receive the attention that they deserve. Think of it as therapeutic stretching, encompassing restorative poses followed by a brief meditation.

If you have always wished but never dared to take up ballet or jazz dance, this is your chance! The beginner classes are designed to teach the basics of ballet and jazz technique in a friendly, unthreatening environment and to encourage further development in dance. The beginner classes are also suitable for the more advanced dancer that wishes to take the time to focus on their basic skills or have a gentle start or end to the day.

These classes are intended for those dancers with relevant experience in the selected fields. The classes will provide students with the opportunity to improve their technique, skills, flexibility and gain strength, These classes are designed to give a deeper understanding of ballet and jazz as an art form and to develop the student further.

This will be a great continuation of the first class (either ballet or jazz) as we will work on long and flowing exercises that will give you a choreographic feel and allow you to work more on your artistry as a dancer. A competent knowledge of ballet is required to take this class.The whole class will be based in the centre and there will not be a barre section. Therefore, do make sure to be fully warmed up to take this class.

LOCATION - Institut del Teatre

Institut del teatre (International School of Performing Arts in Barcelona) was created in 1913. It has over one hundred years of history as a centre for teaching, creativity, research, conservation and promotion of heritage, in the field of the arts.

Since 2000, it is headquartered in Montjuïc in Barcelona and shares the space that surrounds the plaza Margarida Xirgu with two theatres (Teatre Lliure i el Mercat de les Flors). The building occupies 24,000 square meters, including dance studios, theatres, a library open to the public and an exhibition hall.

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