This is the daily schedule. For the workshop you are able to select one class from each time slot:

10:30 – 12:00hrs

YOGA – PRANAYAMA Open level  with Raquel Miro

BALLET Beginner with Catherine Stuyt

LYRICAL JAZZ Intermediate/Advanced with Erick Bacon or Catherine Strawbridge

12:15 – 13:45hrs

YOGA – VINYASA Open level  with Raquel Miro

BALLET Intermediate/Advanced with Catherine Stuyt

MODERN JAZZ Intermediate/Advanced with Erick Bacon or Catherine Strawbridge

14:00 – 15:30hrs

YOGA – RESTORATIVE YIN Open level  with Raquel Miro

MODERN JAZZ Beginner with Erick Bacon or Catherine Strawbridge




The Open Level is an invitation to people with a keen interest in this field of the workshop. It is a meeting space for a crowd with varying experiences: the class will be mixed levels.  The level of each individual will be accounted for and variations will be given to adapt the class and poses to suit everyone. Whether you are a first-timer or a more advanced yoga practitioner you are welcome.

PRANAYAMA MORNING FLOW –Start the morning off right with a long session of pranayama (breathing exercises), followed by a slow and deep vinyasa flow, to get your body energised and your blood flowing. As movers, it is very important that we connect with our breath while dancing to make our movements more organic, fluid and controlled. Pranayama is a perfect training to learn how to control and connect with our breathing.

VINYASA ACTION –This is where the action is. In this class we will move through a strong vinyasa, building strength and awareness with the combination of breath and body as a dynamic duo. We will prepare the body for the practice to do some cool balancing poses and inverted asanas on Saturday and we will focus on hip opening practice on Sunday. All that accompanied to a nice soundtrack and a lot of joy while moving from asana to asana!

RESTORATIVE YIN –This is the calm-down space in your day. Here we will let the muscles rest, holding passive, static positions for longer periods of time. Think of it as therapeutic stretching and restorative poses followed by a brief meditation.



If you have had a long-standing desire but never had the opportunity to take up ballet or jazz dance, this is your chance! These classes are a kick-start to taking up dance as we believe it is never too late to begin, refresh or renew! Suitable for those with no previous experience in dance and for those with some dance experience. The beginner classes are designed to teach the basics of ballet and jazz technique and terminology in a friendly, unthreatening environment and to encourage further understanding and development in dance technique. The beginner classes are also suitable for the more advanced dancer that wishes to take the time to focus on their basic skills or have a gentle start or end to the day.

These classes are designed for those dancers with relevant experience in the selected fields. The classes will provide students with the opportunity to improve their technique, skills, flexibility, and gain strength and are designed to give a deeper understanding of ballet and jazz as an art form and develop the student further.

This class will allow you to explore and learn a section of choreography from well-known ballets, gaining an insight into the renowned performances. For example, you may learn an excerpt from Swan Lake or Sleeping Beauty or one of the other famous and well-loved ballets.


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